Yacon Syrup Reviews

Does Yacon Really Help You Lose Weight?yacon-syrup-reviews

Yacon syrup or yacon molasses, as it is sometimes known, originates in the Andes chain of mountains in South America, and yacon has been a part of the Peruvian people’s diet for several years. It is also considered a medicine for certain ailments and it has been accredited with helping to treat digestive problems. It is only recently that the extract of yacon root, which is the raw yacon syrup, has been used for weight loss.Yacon has high level of FOS sugars, a complex type of sugar that is not absorbed by the body, making it potentially the best alternative to cane sugar available. Despite all the health benefits, including lose weight, Yacon been forbidden to be sold in the whole EU.

And so the Alara and Of the Earth Superfoods put their effort into proving the great health benefits of Yacon scientifically.

Over time, it became evident that Yacon syrup was helpful for much more than sweetening foods and beverages. As the article noted, numerous studies have been conducted on the natural syrup and how people have successfully used Yacon Syrup for weight loss, to help improve blood sugar levels, and as a natural remedy for constipation. For example, a year-long study of Yacon syrup found that 73 percent of the participants lost weight, with 14 of the female subjects losing 5 pounds or more. The results of the study, the article noted, also found that the participants showed a drop in their LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.

Fresh out of the ground yacon is very much like a baking potato to look at. However its flavour is a little strange for what you might expect from an underground tuber – it’s like a sweet cross between early apples, watermelon and very mild celery, with a touch of pear. Mildly flavoured raw when first dug, it’s the texture as much as the taste which sets yacon apart. The tubers have that fine texture of water chestnuts. They don’t quite collapse as such – they’ve more resistance than that – but, like a very fine sorbet, they do sort of give in.

Fructose Effects and Yacon Taste

Whole fruits generally contain a much smaller amount of fructose compared to sucrose and glucose. In addition, fruits contain vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and other nutrients. Our bodies are designed to digest a complete “package” of nutrition that appears in whole, fresh, ripe fruits. Could nature be wrong? For example, it’s always better to eat fruits whole or blend them rather than juice them. When you juice fruits you remove the fiber which helps to slow down the absorption of the sugars. Concentrated sweeteners also contain no fiber and have much greater concentrations of simple sugars than are found in fresh fruit or even juices.

Fresh yacon has a slightly sweet taste and a crunchy texture similar to that of an apple, while its flavor is close to that of watermelon. South Americans eat the tubers, which can range from yellow to purple, as a fruit, with lemon juice and honey, or they add it to fruit salad. You can also stir-fry, roast or bake yacon as a vegetable. Use yacon leaves, also high in inulin, to wrap other foods as you would cabbage or grape leaves, or brew them to make an herbal tea. Yacon syrup and powdered yacon supplements are also available.

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What is Yacon Syrup? Does It Work For Weightloss?

Benefits Of Yacon Root

It has been used as a food by the Andean peoples for thousands of years. This includes the Incan civilizations, who consumed it during ceremonial feasts, as well as the Moche who used it as an offering at burials to “nourish” and give tribute to the dead. Archeological evidence shows the yacon plant displayed on Moche pottery dating back to 100 to 700 AD.

The confusion over the Whole Foods thing seems to have stemmed from a of a blog post back in 2008 on wholefoodsmarket.com entitled “Sweets from South America.” In that blog both the syrup form and semi-dry Yacon slices were introduced as a trending products from one of their suppliers along with Sacha Inchi, and Cacao nibs.

For diabetics, vegans and those cutting down on their sugar intake, yacon syrup makes a healthy alternative to synthesized sweeteners. For those looking to increase the amount of natural foods in their diet, it can also be a welcome addition. Many health food magazines and experts consider yacon syrup a newly discovered wonder food, but further studies must be conducted before truly determining the many claims of beneficial health effects.

Prebiotics Beneficial Bacteria

As a prebiotic, Yacon aids in supporting bowel health in a variety of ways by maintaining the optimal growth and balance of beneficial bacteria. As an important source of fuel for the bacteria in the colon, FOs influence the production of short chain fatty acids, which are the beneficial by-products produced during anaerobic fermentation of dietary fibres and resistant starches such as FOs in the colon. These anti-inflammatory compounds have been shown to positively impact the health of the colon in numerous ways, mainly by increasing mineral absorption and by accelerating colonic transit time. Yacon syrup is also known to demonstrate weight loss potential BREAST ACTIVES

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